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The Lagos Leadership Conference 2021, themed, Repositioning For The Future held on Saturday, July 10, 2021 in Lekki and CEO IRMP Consulting, Charles Okeibunor was present to deliver immense value as one of the key speakers.

The convener of this annual conference which began since 2006, Pastor Charles Kpandei indicated that the theme was critically relevant to the time that the nation Nigeria is in currently in regards to what is obtainable in the world.

Charles Okeibunor, spoke on Rethinking Leadership for Economic Growth as it relates to Nigeria. As he stated, the catalysts for achieving this are:

A. Trust

To rethink leadership for economic growth, you must first consider how trustworthy you are? What is your trust quotient? If you are trusted, more will be entrusted to you.

Nigeria’s problems are summarized into 2: Leaders who have no shame; Followers who are not united.

The greatest elements of economic growths were considered on the table of trust.

B. Anticipation Skills of Leaders

Anticipation skills speaks to a leader’s ability to anticipate success as much as he/she anticipates failure. When you anticipate success, prepare; when you anticipate failure, defend.

A peculiar practical example is that Nigeria consumes 7 million metric tonnes of rice and produces 8 million metric tonnes of rice. However, Nigeria consumes 6.6 million metric tonnes of cassava and produces 59 million metric tonnes. But the nation in recent times have invested heavily in rice production without a commensurate result on investment. He advised that Nigeria should leverage on her strength in this regard as this shows good use of anticipation skills.

Anticipation skills leads to evolution, which eventually leads to revolution – a cry for a better life or situation.

Rethinking leadership for economic growth is like a flowing river that takes anyone on it to several places, makes an impact and changes the world regardless of where it is.

Other speakers were Femi Adeoti, CEO Africa Operations; Pastor Charles Kpandei, the Convener and African Farmer Mogaji, CEO FarmCredit NG.

The Leadership conference was powered by Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 11, Bonmenebari Leadership Foundation and Adron Homes.

Click here to watch the conference.

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