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NEST - IRMP Mentoring Program
for Managers and Team Leads

This 4 days intensive course is a people management training specifically designed to equip managers on how to create a congenial atmosphere for their staff to thrive using the NEST model:

                N – nurture

                Caring and protecting a staff while they are growing.

                E – empathy

                The ability to understand and share the feelings of staff working under you.

                S – simplicity

                The state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded in your relationship with staff.

                T – tenacity

The quality or fact of being able to have a firm grip of every team member and their idiosyncrasies.



Duration: 2 days



Full attendance and participation will entitle participants to:

  1. Life Access to the Video Recording of the Masterclass.

  2. Training Slides.

  3. Programme Certificate.

  4. 60 minutes post training one on one private clarity session by the standards of the International Coaching Federation with an ICF Certified Coach.

Cost Frame (Per Manager):

        Online                                                  In-person

        N100,000                                             N200,000

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