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Are you in search of relevance?


Or in Pursuit of Purpose?


Have you found both but desire to be at the cutting edge of your Relevance and Purpose in Life?

Then what you need is a Life Coach.


Join our Personalized Coaching Program. It is designed to meet the core needs of every individual regardless of where they are in life's journey.

Benefits of a Life Coaching Program?

1. Provides you with a Connection between where you are and where you ought to be. 

2. Diligently support you through the application of this connection. 

3. Work with you to design your own road map. 

4. Coach you from baby steps to taking giant steps.

Resources included in the program;


42 fireside philosophies that refresh the mind and brighten our perspective of everyday life.

Other features

- Diarized sessions & maps: Recorded interactive sessions with participants. Highlights, reflections and challenging of limiting belief systems.

- Exclusive access to unpublished #LifeClasses.


General Program Timeline

1. Phase 1 (Pre-coaching) - The process begins with the completion of an enrollment form and a pre-coaching Chemistry session; to identify and align the participants with their needs and expectations for the program.

2. Phase 2 - 10 Coaching sessions spread across 3 months.

3. Phase 3 - 3 months post-coaching feedback on progress made in 13 core areas of a person's holistic journey through life.


Full Session

Enrollment fee - $1,000 (USD).This fee covers all the program resources listed in the brochure, 3 months hands-on coaching, and 3 months post-coaching follow-up and feedback. 


Payment Plan - Participants have an option of paying in two installments of $500 or One lump sum.

One-Off Session

Enrollment fee - $100 (USD). This covers a 90 minutes personalized session.

Are you an executive, desiring to get past a mental block, or about to take a crucial decision and you need a sounding board to improve your clarity at the moment? The one-off session is your best call.

You can't stop the wind but you can adjust your sail... You may not be able to still the storm but together we can soar above it like the Eagles do.

Set Sail, Soar... Let's Begin!

To fill the Pre-Coaching Assessment form, click here. 


Check out some frequently asked questions here



“The sessions met my expectations, it made me realize that you are responsible for yourself and that one must take responsibility for their lives, the session also helped me develop the tools needed for personal development and taking charge of my life.” 


—  Taiwo O.

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