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IRMP has worked with a variety of companies in various industries in both the private and public sector. Here are a few of our clients and what their management had to say.

Work Desk


“Charles, this program has exceeded my expectations, it communicates fundamental principles for daily application in life and the workplace, the feedback from our entire staff, has been so positive and I am convinced that it is important and relevant to every business."

—  Ernest Akinlola, MD NTEL Nigeria

Image by Andrew Ridley


"It is quite practical. It is a must for every one who desires self fulfillment and better relationship management."

—  Chikodi E, Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

"It was quite an impactful experience and a re-awakening to the tenets of emotional intelligence in dealing with situations with the overall goal of achieving mostly happiness as much as possible."

—  Matthew A, Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

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