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IRMP Meets Spaces For Change Again!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The first retreat for the year 2022 was with the vibrant staff and management of Spaces For Change (S4C) on 11 January. It’s actually the second time IRMP Consulting will be engaging the S4C team.

The S4C team enjoyed the insightful knowledge-sharing session with IRMP Consulting’s Lead Facilitator, Charles Okeibunor, which dwelt on Emotional Intelligence and Building Your Mindset.

Some of the most important learnings and take-home according to the S4C team includes;

i. Learn the act of listening to understand rather than listening to retaliate

ii. To be a problem solver, you must have a sense of purpose, ownership, belonging and team spirit.

iii. Efficient communication requires understanding others first.

iv. The workplace is either a goldmine or a landmine, cultivate the goldmine and navigate the landmine.

v. Strive to listen more and seek to understand situations better by considering varying perspectives, especially viewpoints different from your own.

It was indeed a great way to start the year!

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