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IRMP very much allows for flexible program creation with our vast array of different modules. These can be can be combined and tailored to fit requests for Seminars, Retreats, Speaking Engagements, and other Bespoke Programs.

Our Modules

Each of our modules are fully developed sub programs and conversations with their own activities and learning challenges for participants to drive their points home.


  1. 10 Common Mistakes Managers Make

  2. 10 Reasons Why Communication Fails

  3. 10 Rules of Negotiation

  4. 12 IRMP Keys to a Productive Worklife

  5. 12 IRMP Keys to Effective Customer/Human Relations

  6. 12 Rules of Speaking Engagements

  7. 13 Star Worker

  8. 7 Pillars of Commitment

  9. 7 Rules of Emotional Intelligence

  10. 9 Pillars of Followership

  11. Common Mistakes in Negotiation

  12. Dynamics of Inter-Personal Relationships

  13. How to Prevent Disputes (LARSQ)

  14. How to Resolve a Dispute (PLUS)

  15. Managers Creed

  16. Managing Relationship Assets & Liabilities

  17. My IRMP Creed

  18. Negotiation Skills

  19. Negotiation: Deal or No Deal?

  20. Network to Net worth

  21. Organisation Galvanisation

  22. Our IRMP Creed

  23. Strategic Thinking

These are already combined in various cocktails as our well-tailored Masterclass programs. If you are looking to be a part of any one of them, head here.

Reach out to us to have conversations around building and deploying new programs

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