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Building Sustainable Relationships

Every sustainable relationship must be a mutual circle where the individuals in it, give and take from each other.

Relationships that ignore this fundamental principle forget that no one is unlimited in any kind of resource.

While the giver keeps giving and thinking it's fine,

The taker keeps taking and also assumes it's just alright.

The giver must be definitive of what they are getting from the relationship, physically or psychologically because they lack the capability to give indefinitely.

The taker must be deliberate about what they are giving in return to the relationship because they can ill afford to receive indefinitely.

Incidentally, when the sole giver and sole taker come to this realisation, it is already too late to save the relationship as it might have already entered bankruptcy.

A relationship is bankrupt where all parties in it have lost the credibility to further sustain the association.


Don't be a perpetual giver.

Don't be a perpetual taker.

Give sometimes.

Take sometimes.

- Charles Okeibunor

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