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IRMP is a cocktail of Relationship Management Skills for Executive trainees, Managers and Senior Management.

As the world becomes more complex, so have the people who live and work in it. IRMP is a strategic model that espouses the art and science of workplace relationships with the ultimate aim of transforming organisations.


The most common workplace challenges include, burn-out, lack of job satisfaction, non-cooperation, internal wrangling, loss of customer loyalty, reduced productivity and lowered profitability. This is a narrative IRMP is designed to change.


More than professional skills therefore, the IRMP program embodies the relational skills every staff and manager needs to succeed.


This root, stem and branch solution critical to the attainment of managerial goals and actualization of corporate visions is deployed in three key ways RELATE, RESOLVE, EVOLVE.

Anatomy of the IRMP Model


The ability to identify the core concerns, needs and potential issues bordering on personal effectiveness in a workplace, is critical to every organisation. An unidentified issue in the root, manifests at the fruit, where the propensity to dent the image of the organisation is higher. IRMP starts by identifying the unique sources and causes of the most common workplace relational problems.



The volume of human and financial capital lost to unresolved or poorly resolved workplace disputes cannot be quantified. For resolution to be cost saving, it must not only be adequate, but timeous. Many costly conflicts begin as mismanaged complaints or ignored issues. IRMP uses the resolution angle to address these issues, neatly nipping them in the bud.



The dynamic nature of the workplace makes it imperative to admit that not all differences can be resolved. Managing differences to achieve organisational goals serve the same purpose when they cannot be resolved. IRMP, provides tools that creates the atmosphere for an organisation to oscillate between resolution and management without losing face, people, time and money.



The core essence of Identification is Prevention. By anchoring on effective Identification of issues, IRMP further provides a step by step approach that if adopted will enable an organisation skip resolution and management phase into applying preventive solutions to intractable disputes that could prove ruinous in the long term. Organisations can learn to prevent avoidable mistakes that mar workplace culture or delay their successful evolution.



Relationship Management for front-line decision makers & Senior Management

Relationship Management for Line Managers and Mid-Level Executives

Relationship Management for HR Professionals

Relationship Management for Entry Level Professionals/Executive Trainees

Relationship Management for Sales men and Market facing Executives




There is an overarching need to equip the foot soldiers of the organisation to manage the base of the ladder for those that have climbed it. This program exposes executives to the basic skills on relationship management. They are primed to take responsibility for the outcome of their workplace relationships. They recognise that they are directors of their immediate assignment and how they relate with their superiors and equals directly determines not only their future but that of the organisation. The mantra of this program is Professional skills gets you hired, but relational skills determine how long you stay hired until you are tired or fired.

Duration: A 1 day course


If customer is king, then managers are the king-makers. Mid-line managers are often the first port of call for the trainee and clients when issues arise, during this program, they will not only discover the propriety or impropriety of their managerial style, they will also learn additional keys to create congenial teams for the most productive endeavours. Attendees will learn to understand their people and their customers, so as to effectively and adequately resolve their issues. As a mid-link between subordinates and superiors, they will learn different approaches to achieving results without destroying harmony. The mantra of this program is Strategy without synergy is like building on sand, everything looks alright till the storm comes. It takes one to have a strategy, but it more to form a synergy. People are the energy in strategy.

Duration: A 2 day course





The executive trainee succeeds by what he does, but the executive director, succeeds by what others do. A senior executive unconcerned about who is holding his/her ladder, is like someone dancing on a cliff. This program thoroughly answers the question of how they can be far enough to inspire, yet close enough to influence. At the end, the senior executive is equipped with a cocktail of skills that will prove useful in his management of diverse and difficult teams as well as high networth relationships. The mantra for this program is The boss reigns, but the leader reigns after his reign. Better to be a glass of water everyone needs, than a pool of dirty water everyone avoids.


Duration: A 3 day Course


Successful participants shall receive an IRMP CERTIFICATE IN RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT.


An organization that exposes its entire staff through the IRMP Program receives the IRMP Certificate of Compliance with Workplace Best Practices.

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