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Title: Organisational Behavioural/Attitudinal Change 
Duration: 2 Days 
Attendees: All staff 

The overarching need to tool staff with the skills to manage vertical and horizontal relationships in the workplace is the main thrust of this program. It exposes all executives from top to bottom with fundamental principles on relationship management. At this stage, IRMP also extracts from each participant behavioural patterns they and off putting and most likeable in the workplace. This body of information becomes a useful tool for management’s decision making. Furthermore, participants will individually practice how to resolve differences using a methodology that creates the most congenial atmosphere for productive endeavour.   


Title: Team Rendezvous/Overhaul 
Duration: 2 Days 
Attendees: A mix of staff at various levels 


This stage is designed to strengthen teams at all levels by equipping attendees on how to leverage on the differences they identified in Part one for the optimal performance of the organisation.  They would practice techniques on how to achieve results without expending harmony. IRMP will then audit the strength and weaknesses of each team with the sole aim of giving the organisation first hand data on the strengths and weaknesses of its staff. During the training, participants would learn how to increase their strengths, reduce their weaknesses, in order to improve their capabilities to reach their capacity


Title: The Alignment: Organisation Evolution 
Duration: 2 Days 
Attendees: All Staff 


The main thrust of this program is to align goals and roles in the workplace. These twin areas are major flashpoints for conflict that account for the draw backs many organisations experience along the way. Part of the strategies to achieve alignment are found in the IRMP DIARY (the world’s first Relationship Management Diary), which will be deployed during the program. The IRMP Diary provides a step by step approach to shaping the expectation of staff and management for mutual benefit. Without alignment, organisations move in circles and evolution is an alternative forgone.

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