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Solution first, Culprit Next, If...

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

This article is all about prioritizing workplace resources.

Very often when there is a problem in a workplace, the Manager transforms into a Policeman, looking for who to blame and who must carry the cross. His priority question is "Who caused it?" in other words, "Whose efficiency would have prevented this deficiency?" These are valid questions, but let us attempt to re-order this natural instinct by suggesting that the World-class Workplace must de-emphasise the culprit and emphasis the solution. Why?

There are three limited resources in every workplace. Time, Energy and Money.

1. Time is limited.

2. Energy is limited

3. Money is limited

The main focus of every business is to provide solutions. Nothing else matters. If in the course of this venture, a problem arises, no matter how tempting it may get, do not sacrifice the business on the culprits altar. This often leads to a double loss. Save the situation first, with all your time, energy and money.

Lets bring it home. When a man goes on a hunting expedition, and out of a hole emerges two rabbits, he must decide which one to pursue,  if he attempts to catch both he may end up with none. A bird at hand is worth two in the bush.

Many managers out of emotion go after an erring staff or a disloyal customer, they vow that they will get to the end of the matter, only to get to the end of their business or careers prematurely.

In conclusion. there are many problems that arise not because of the people but because of the system, consequently  if you adjust the system, the people will roll back in line.  The closest example is the black market syndrome, once an original product(e.g fuel) is readily available at a reasonable price, there will be no need to sell an adulterated product or at a prohibited price. Consequently, instead of arresting the unscrupulous and unprincipled black-marketers, arrest the scarcity and the former will disappear. Robust solutions, suffocate the root of problems.

Solution first, Culprit next...if need be.

Thanks for reading.  Please your comments and Opinions are welcome.

Relate, Resolve, Evolve... Think IRMP

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