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What Is Client Communication?

Client Communication entails the reporting, discussions, and knowledge transfer that takes place between a service provider (company) and a service seeker (client) for the fulfillment of a project.


Professional spaces may not be emotional spaces but humans are.

In order to best interpret the client, it’s necessary to connect with them at an emotional level. It doesn’t mean you have to therapize their anger issues or participate in intellectual conversations. Rather it means to be aware of sentimental connotations.

Emotional connection is mostly learned at the job. But having an understanding of what it entails will help you develop it nicely.

It constitutes four primary elements:

Self-awareness – Understanding how you react to certain emotions so that you can identify emotional statements in a conversation.

Self-management – Being in sync with your thoughts during the conversation so that emotional stirs don’t overpower you.

Social Awareness – A general understanding of social setup, obligations, etiquette, and decorum when you sit down with the client.

Empathy – The ability to understand the client’s perspective as your own, and respond accordingly.


Emotional connection is a necessary component of managing relationships with clients because it lets you pick-up on the deeper context of the communication.

It prepares you to deal with emotional bursts, and interpret the communication in a more humane way. This way you can manage the conversation and the relationship healthily.

As they say, if you can be yourself with people you do business with, you’re in good company.


CLIENT: I have been following up for a week now! Urghh. Why is the bug taking so much time to fix?? Why can’t you fix it now!!!

Scenario – 1

ASSOCIATE : Please be patient, we are fixing it. It’s something that takes time. You should understand it.

CLIENT REPLIES : Yeah, well you’re making it sound like my mistake, and how much more time will this take? I am losing my temper on this now.

Scenario – 2

ASSOCIATE : I do realize that this particular bug is taking longer than usual and believe me, we have our best people working on it. I request a little bit of patience from you, we should be able to fix it without further delays. Also, it’ll help us better prepare for similar bugs.

CLIENT REPLIES : Okay, thank you for explaining the issue, I hope to get it cleared soon. Keep me posted.

As evident, in Scenario – 2, the client’s reply seems quite unalarmed, and the temper seems to have come down, which clearly isn’t the case in Scenario 1.

In our next post we will continue with the next Secret, stay active.


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