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Updated: May 27, 2018


Life is like a register, there is a column for "time in" and another for "time out".

I was a very playful child.

Unlike our dad, my mom let us play.

On one occasion, I played so hard that I forgot my shorts in school and went home in under pants! She caned me mercilessly.

My mom curbed excessive play, with two stern words "Time Out". If you don't time out wisely, you will be taken out roughly.

"Time out" was my control button.

It taught me that the test of control is not when you go in but how you come out.

It taught me that the blessing of life can be permanent but the time of life is temporal.

It taught me that a car without control no matter how enjoyable was a moving coffin.

"Time out" was my reality - the best teacher who reminds painfully what you forgot playfully.

Is Control your secret or your nemesis?

You signed in one day, you will sign out someday.

...because Life is like Register

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