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Stars and Stones.

Life is filled with Stars and Stones.

There is a shine in every star, It is that shine that makes it a star. Not the star that makes it shine.

You can shine a stone, But it will always remain a shiny stone and never a star.

Every man is a star, But when a man strives to be who he is not, out of rivalry, pretence or even envy, He defers his star and becomes a shiny stone.

Stones strive, Stars thrive.

Stones must be shined, Stars must shine.

To know which you are: Check what you do, Ask why you do it, & Look at how you do it.

Are you striving or thriving? You were born a star, not a shiny stone.

Go and Shine and don't be shined.

For life is full of Stars and Stones...

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