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Journey or Destination?

Journey or Destination?

I once asked a friend who was 27 years older than I, if she liked travelling. Her answer to me 9 years ago is instructive. She said, "It depends on where I am travelling to? Who I am travelling with? And why I am travelling?"

I wondered why all those factors matter, but now I know, it is because journeys are uncertain whether they be long or short.

So here is my suggestion, don't focus on the journey with all its uncertainties, just think about the destination.

Are you sick? Don't think of the injections and drugs, think of your being well again.

Are you lonely, Don't think about the next cold night, think about the warmth of companionship.

Are you broke? Don't think about the next bill, think about the next deal.

Refocus from the journey to the destination, let's see what difference it makes...

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