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Is your issue a tissue?

Updated: May 23, 2018

Is your issue a tissue?

Tissue is easy to dispose. Tissue is soft and easy to use for multiple purposes.

An issue that is a tissue is an issue that can be solved easily. An issue that is a tissue is an issue that has many solutions to one problem.

Bound together in a roll, tissues are tough and unusable. Loosened roll after roll, they become thin and usable.

Take your issues one after the other. Separate them from each other, as you resolve the simple ones, you gain confidence for the complex ones, but when you look at all the issues as a whole, even the simple ones look hidden among the tough ones and it all looks hopeless.

My Mother as a teacher taught me, to always begin the examination with the question I know best.

Try this unique approach to problem solving… and watch your issues become tissues.

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