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Eye Service is No Service...

Often times in the workplace “Eye Service” is a trait used to cover up deficiencies or give artificial impressions. This is designed to gain favours from superiors, earn the respect of equals or attract admiration from subordinates. The line between pretense and eye service are blurred. But contrary to general opinion, eye service is not always negative, if you are so efficient under watchful eyes, and you like the impression you create, favours you get, respect you earn and admiration you attract due to eye service, why not convert your eye service to a usual service? Eye service only needs a conversion for efficiency to return to the workplace.

Unfortunately, eye service requires a commitment to lying which is too demanding to be sustainable because while trying to impress superiors an eye servant may depress his subordinates or equals who can see clearly the real person momentarily acting to be someone else. Thus, putting up the appearance that eye service demands leads to resentment and resentment leads to workplace conflict.

Are you prone to eye service? Turn your weakness to a strength, make a deliberate decision to transform your eye service to usual service.

I hope this information brings transformation.

Charles Okeibunor

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