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Life is like a baton exchange.

Life is like a baton exchange.

Some hand over the baton on time.

Some hand over the baton behind time.

Some drop the baton before time.

Some hold the baton past their time.

The time of the exchange makes all the difference.

If you exchange the baton on time, you consolidate victory.

If you exchange it behind time you mortgage victory.

If you drop the baton, you shortchange victory.

If you hold the baton, past the time, you invalidate victory.

Every man is holding a baton, but not everyone will exchange theirs.

Hands full with expired batons, cannot inspire, because they do not aspire.

What would you do with the baton in your hands?

Hand it over, Drop it or Hold on to it?

Timely exchange, ensures, insures and assures victory.

For life is like a baton exchange…

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