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Your conscience is your life.

One may live with a dead conscience while another dies with a clear conscience.

You die when your conscience stops living, not when you stop breathing. Some have stopped breathing, but the kind works of their conscience is still living.

Your greatest asset is not your talent. Your greatest asset is your conscience. That is where all trash or treasures is built.

Never make your highest aspiration an acquisition that fades. Let your highest aspiration be a conscience that never fails.

Anyone can buy a talent but the real slaves are not those imprisoned, but those whose conscience has been bought. Past betrayal or Pain can kill a conscience, so can the thirst for money and quest for fame.

Don’t sell your conscience just so you can live, for once your conscience is sold, your life is sold.

Don’t let your conscience die, no matter who/what tries to kills it.

Your conscience is your life… Keep it purer than gold.

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