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1. Understand the nature of stress, its causes, types and signs.
2. Learn how to properly resolve, manage and prevent stress.
3. Learn to face their fears and overcome them.

1. Definition of stress
2. Causes of stress
3. Types and signs of stress.
4. How to resolve, manage or prevent stress.
5. What is Anxiety?
6. 7 keys to Peace.


Who should attend?

Managers, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Legal practitioners, Mediators, Arbitrators, Professional negotiators, and Diplomats.


Training Deployment
Excellent online facilitation, Relevant case studies, 
Comprehensive slides, Individual action points.

For further details and enquiries, kindly email us at or call: +234 901 500 2661


Duration: 2 days

Cost: N50,000

Register below.

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