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Are you an Entrepreneur, Employee, Marketer, Legal practitioner, Mediator, Arbitrator, Diplomat, Legislator, or Broker?


Then you need to develop your negotiation skills.

IRMP is inviting you for a Masterclass on Negotiation Skills. Be ready for an immersive and interactive learning experience.


Come with your questions, experiences & perspectives as we share uncommon knowledge around this crucial subject.

This Masterclass streamed live on Zoom is a face to face transformational experience.


It is not a class for everyone, it is for anyone ready to make a difference by attaining or sustaining success.

1. To Sharpen the Negotiation Skills of Participants
2. To ground participants on basic negotiation skills for result oriented solutions in personal and corporate transactions.
3. Provide insights to professional and ethical negotiation
4.. Increase the confidence of participants when negotiating

1. What Is Negotiation?

2. Different Kinds Of Negotiation Strategies

3. Common Mistakes In Negotiation

4. Practical Tips To Becoming An Effective Negotiator

5. 11 Rules Of Negotiation


Duration: 2 days

Cost: N50,000

Register below.

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