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Duration: 4 Days

Attendees: Front line decision makers


Negotiation – everyone does it, but how well you do can be the difference between achieving the best outcome possible or simply reaching a compromise that satisfies no one. This is the only international program that critiques the skill level and competence of negotiators.


Why Attend?

Business practitioners use negotiation on a daily basis irrespective of practice area, many with little or no education in this subject. The existing universal practice of the standard “haggling” negotiation often produces less than perfect outcome relative to results that could have been achieved. This can include risked or damaged relationships and the creation of frustrating and needless impasses.


This training program will:

 Vastly increase your understanding of negotiation tactics and skills

 Teach key techniques to effectively conduct complex and high level negotiations

 Help you achieve the outcomes you want when negotiating

 Improve professionalism in the use of negotiation by commercial users.


Method of Training

The program consists of four days. The program will teach, as well as observe and provide helpful feedback on how to handle various issues that arise in the mock sessions. Use of multiple case studies, hands on exercises and empirical studies will be employed. The overarching objective is to enable attendees to become certified as skilled negotiators.


Course Outline

Module One – Individual Skills

 Psychological impediments, cognitive blockages and individual conflict personality identification and strategies

 Anchoring, framing and the psychology of persuasion

 Acting as a negotiation agent, presenting offers and rules in concessions

 How superior negotiators achieve top outcomes


Module Two – Team Skills

 Structure of multi-party negotiations

 Ethical/legal constraints

 Analysing risk

 Preparation and internal team conflict


Module Three

 Written test assessment and individual negotiation skills audit Module Four

 Multi-party commercial negotiation audit Review

 Effectiveness in improving tangible negotiation outcomes



This consists of individual assessment of skills and theoretical knowledge by way of an exam. The assessment consists of three negotiations based on real world scenarios that all participants will undertake, being a sole negotiator, a joint and then a multi-party scenario. The assessment will critique each participant in their application so that “real world” outcomes can be achieved that influence subsequent negotiation practice.


Duration: 1 Days 
Attendees: Team Leads and Market Facing Executives  


Why Attend?

This course is an advanced analysis of the causes of conflict and the use of mediation to assist resolution. It is designed to expand the negotiation strategies and outcomes for commercial and corporate advisors.

Course Outline

The emphasis is on practical strategies to make deals and resolve conflicts. Any of the following topics are available. Additional topics available on request:

 Ten common mistakes of Commercial Negotiators – and how to avoid them

 Is your negotiator incompetent?

 Psychological traps for negotiators

 What successful negotiators do

 What matters are non-negotiable

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