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"The more liked you are, the better life is…"

- Charles Okeibunor


People who master the art of communicating, following through, being likable and interesting — THOSE are the people who get ahead. When you ignore the soft skills, life becomes a steady stream of lost opportunities and even easy things seem overwhelming and formidable.

One of the key ingredients that close this gap is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE!


IRMP is inviting you for a Masterclass on Emotional Intelligence. Be ready for an immersive and interactive learning experience. Come with your questions, experiences & perspectives as we share uncommon knowledge around this crucial subject.

This Masterclass streamed live on Zoom is a face to face transformational experience. It is not a class for everyone, it is for anyone ready to make a difference by attaining or sustaining success.

1. Will have an increased awareness of their emotions and that of those around them.
2. How to school their emotions in order to improve their chances of success in live and in the Workplace.

1. Concept of Emotional Intelligence
2. Types of Emotions.
3. 3 kinds of people in the Emotional Intelligence spectrum.
4. Role of Emotional Intelligence in problem solving.
5. 7 rules of Emotional Intelligence.


Duration: 2 days

Cost: N50,000

Register below.

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