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I will explore options AND not exploit people...

The shortest cut to getting solutions without really working for them is by exploitation. Exploitation is taking undue advantage of a person or situation. It is a very unethical attitude that fuels workplace disputes. Since the workplace is about people, no one feels good about being used. Anyone who realizes they are being used, feels abused. And people react badly to being abused. The solution to exploitation is exploration. Never take more from a person than he/she has the capacity to provide. Exploitation depletes value. Exploration increases value. When you exploit your superiors, equals or subordinates, you take away their sense of dignity, erode their integrity and threaten their humanity. Exploitation happens by intimidation or deception. Exploitation by intimidation occurs often between superiors and subordinates. While exploitation by deception is common among equals.

There are some very common avenues for workplace exploitation. For example, people will often exploit the generosity, absence, inexperience or desperation of their superiors, equals or subordinates. Exploitation is unsustainable and conflict prone. The latter pains outweigh the initial gains.

I hope this information transforms your workplace.

Charles Okeibunor

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