How much does Workplace Conflict cost you?

Updated: May 19

In September 2015, La Casera shut down operations leading to a daily estimated loss of 12 million naira . Chevron and South Atlantic Petroleum were in the news also for a disruption of their daily activities. All of these were occasioned  by  Disputes in the workplace. Workplace conflicts are an incidence of everyday life. They exist as a reflection of the dynamic nature of man. We might not all think and work alike, in fact, divergent views help in the synergy of ideas that every business or organisation needs to grow. The popular expectation therefore, is that we disagree to agree. But this isn’t always the case,  Studies have shown that between the point when people disagree and when they agree, a lot could go wrong. Companies may lose millions, teams may lose steam and sometimes things never remain the same. The IRMP Senior Executive Masterclass is a top shelf One- day intensive training critical to organizational success, where Managers and owners of businesses acquire skills they need to deal with complex relational issues that arise in the workplace among staff or between staff and customers. During this course they will learn to:

  • Be a step ahead of a potential dispute through proper identification skills.

  • Resolve disputes sustainably, rather than reaching resolutions that satisfy no one.

  • Prevent complaints from becoming conflicts

  • Manage disputes effectively with a minimized exposure to attendant consequences.

The IRMP faculty recognizes that in board rooms, meeting rooms and project sites, hidden resentments or open dissatisfaction are smudges that clog the wheel of organizational progress. Where they do not stunt growth, they may altogether spoil the broth. The IRMP program is a clearly defined strategic intervention to fill this skill gap and reposition workplace relationships for greater productivity. At the end of this intensive training filled with contemporary case studies, managers will be tested on their practical ability to handle workplace disputes and successful candidates will earn an IRMP CERTIFICATE IN WORKPLACE DISPUTE MANAGEMENT. An unsuccessful candidate will earn a certificate of attendance.

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Course Fee: N100,000

Duration: 2 Days

Includes: Tea break, Lunch, study materials and Certificates


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