Seminars & Retreats

IRMP also delivers seminars as requested by organisations to suit their staff needs. Specific topics, fields or issues that managers may feel need to be addressed in their teams can be requested and the corresponding training seminar would be delivered.

3 hours


  • Charles Okeibunor - Internationally accredited mediator/ Certified Negotiator.

Who should attend?

  • As stated and specified by the organisation. Let the targeted demographic be stated in the application

IRMP Seminar Topics: 

1. 12 IRMP Keys to A Productive Work life
2. IRMP's 7 Pillars of Commitment
3. IRMP's 7 Rules of Emotional Intelligence

4. IRMP's Network to Net worth

5. 10 IRMP Keys to Effective Customer/Human Relations

6. 10 Rules of Negotiation

Prospective Clients can request the IRMP modules along side their selected areas of interest. General topics could still have some on these modules incorporated.

Participants will learn to:

1. Efficient and Effective Communication and Customer Service
2. How to build customer loyalty through customer service
3. How to grow the customer base through customer service
4. How to increase customer engagement and improve customer retention

Attendance/ Registration Details:
Venue: Inhouse (Organisation's training hall)
Course Fee: N100,000 per seminar

Retreat Fee: Negotiable
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